Starting with introductory topics such as infection vectors, persistence mechanisms, and payloads, this content-packed volume also covers in detail, the tools & techniques needed to comprehensively analyze malware targeting Apple's desktop OS.

Front Matter

Part I: Mac Malware Basics

Chapter 1: Infection Vectors

Chapter 2: Persistence

Chapter 3: Capabilities

Part II: Mac Malware Analysis

Chapter 4: Nonbinary Analysis

Chapter 5: Binary Triage

Chapter 6: Disassembly and Decompilation

Chapter 7: Dynamic Analysis Tools

Chapter 8: Debugging

Chapter 9: Anti-Analysis

Part III: Analyzing EvilQuest

Chapter 10: EvilQuest's Infection, Triage, and Deobfuscation

Chapter 11: EvilQuest's Persistence and Core Functionality

End Matter